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Managing the workforce, consolidating timesheets of employees, and creating invoices to share with vendors are fundamental parts of the HR Payroll/Accounts process. It requires great cooperation among departments and an integrated system to simplify the entire pay cycle and improve operational efficiency. Challenges of managing weekly time sheets over emails manually, not having a centralized system to store documents, delay in invoicing, and lack of high-level visibility often drive the process in a time-consuming, error-prone, and unproductive manner. These drawbacks emphasize the need of implementing efficient business technology solutions.


The average time for HR to manually collect and consolidate the time sheets per week, for about 50 employees, takes around 4 hours and is invariably prone to human errors during the reconciliation process.


Learn how TBOS reduces your efforts and turnaround duration for consolidation of timesheets by 50% and supports you with hassle-free operations.


Since a decade, Tech Tammina has centered its technological excellence on improving business operations, agility, and efficiency. With our experience and expertise in IT and Automation, we continue to offer impeccable service and solutions for today’s dynamic business needs.

Easy data reconciliation

Central repository to store and refer documents for employees and clients

Quick processing time that improves operational effectiveness

Enabling intelligent business decisions with insightful reports and dashboards

Reduction in manual error and misplaced/lost documents

Higher process visibility and transparency

Improving governance and compliance

Improved security risk management

The global HR & Finance software industry was valued at

USD 27.8 billion in 2022 and is and is predicted to reach

and is predicted to reach USD 58.3 billion by 2032

with a CAGR of 7.7%, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 9%.


For over a decade now, Tech Tammina has been helping in digitizing and streamlining workflows for HR & Accounting departments. We provide centralized HR activities with a unified view of employees and contractors, a self-service portal for requests, and approval processes.

Appian Portal

The Appian portal provides a single platform that simplifies the operation and reduces overall processing time for HR and Finance departments. In TBOS, there are 3 different portals and they are: the employee portal helps employees to upload their respective timesheets, the HR portal helps to approve the consolidated timesheets provided by the employees and the accounts portal helps to generate the invoices for respective vendors.

Appian Dashboard & Reports

Appian dashboards are useful to present the data visually. Dashboards contain a number of charts and graphs that help to communicate with the higher level in the organization. In TBOS, the interactive dashboard and reports help the CFO to understand the invoices generated over the invoice payment received from vendors. Also, it has drilled down graphs to analyze the status of invoices within different vendors.

Appian Low-Code

Leveraging Appian Low-code capabilities, we deliver value to your processes through rapid application set-up, seamless deployments, and easy integration of data and systems into a single workflow to accelerate your business growth in this digital world. Our application supports a robust workflow and strengthens the connection between different portals/departments to any form of communication lag and increases transparency. Tammina Business Operations Suite’s proficient framework streamlines the approval matrix among different points, making invoice generation and distribution hassle-free. To add on, TBOS easily integrates with external systems to track biometrics with efficient Web APIs.

Why Tech Tammina?

HR Payroll/Accounting process is an integral part of business operations but with a continuing manual approach, it has become time-consuming and inefficient. Furthermore, rapid digitization demands innovative and effective HR payroll solutions to manage the workforce effectively. We prioritize your unique requirements and tailor customized solutions to give you a competitive advantage in your game. Designed with years of expertise and Appian’s low-code capabilities, Tammina Business Operations Suite offers you a centralized HR Payroll system, connected with different portals and easy access to reduce the duration of timesheet consolidation by 50% and improve operational agility.
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